Typically, the concentration of natural radioactive aerosols in the containment vessel of nuclear power plant is low and in equilibrium. But when a serious nuclear accident occurred, the massive radioactive aerosols would be rapidly released. In order to ensure the integrality of the containment, the pressure inside the containment must be reduced by reducing the concentration of the aerosol. It can cause a serious damage to the atmospheric environment if such radioactive aerosol directly release. In this paper a new mesoscopic impactor filter has been developed which not only can filtrate and collect the aerosol particles but also can decrease the flowing resistance of gas. This paper intends to make numerical simulation to study the regularity of the deposition of aerosols under the laminar condition at different working condition in mesoscopic impactor filters. The 3D model of the filter was established with the commercial software of ICEM CFD and the meshes were divided accurately. The gas phase uses the laminar model and the particles use DPM (Discrete Phase Model). The detailed modeling method is given and the simulation results are analyzed.

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