In order to recommend a pool scrubbing model to be applied in investigating the aerosol pool scrubbing effect of spent fuel pool (SFP) during the period of CAP1400 containment overpressure release, different pool scrubbing models are studied in this paper. At first, the thermal hydraulic processes and aerosol retention mechanisms considered in five mainstream pool scrubbing models are compared briefly, through which SPARC-B/98 model (the updated version of SPARC-90) is identified as the most comprehensive one. Subsequently, ACE aerosol pool scrubbing experiments are simulated using SPARC-B/98 and SPARC-90 model respectively, whose results could contribute to assess the conservatism of the two models. At last, considering the lack of experimental decontamination factor (DF) data under CAP1400 SFP pool scrubbing boundary conditions, sensitivity study involving these special conditions is performed with SPARC-B/98 and SPARC-90 model, in which injected gas flow rate, steam volume fraction in injected gas and pool temperature are selected as the analyzed parameters. The results show that SPARC-B/98 model is more conservative and applicable under SFP pool scrubbing boundary conditions and are advised to be used in analyzing the SFP aerosol pool scrubbing effect.

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