As China’s first nuclear power plant connected to the grid, the first Qinshan nuclear power plant is approaching the decommissioning period. Other nuclear power plants also turn into the preparation phase of decommissioning in succession. In order to facilitate decommissioning, source survey is conducted during the pre-decommissioning phase, which can provide radioactive inventory, contamination distribution, species and quantities of nuclides.

The internals of the reactor work under the most severe radiation environment. During the reactor operation, the materials of internals are irradiated by high-energy neutrons. So activated nuclides are generated due to the neutron capture reaction, which are the main radioactive waste to be treated during decommissioning. In this paper, the neutron irradiation and the generated activation source of the internals for pressurized water reactors (PWR) are studied and analyzed.

Firstly, core modeling was carried out, and the neutron transport calculation is performed to obtain three-dimensional distribution of the neutron flux.

Secondly, according to the three-dimensional distribution of the material composition and the neutron flux rate of the reactor, the activation calculation is carried out to obtain the activation source.

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