JMCT-S[1] 3-D high resolution Monte Carlo neutron and photon transport code is proposed for shielding design due to its significant advantages such as complex geometry modeling, accurate calculation method, high efficient parallel computing and visible mass data analysis. To demonstrate its feasibility and benefits in engineering, this paper presents the verification of JMCT-S code based on primary shielding analysis for CAP1400 nuclear power station.

Firstly, by employing JMCT-S code this paper completes the modeling and simulations of CAP1400 nuclear power station with full-core pin-by-pin and reactor pressure vessel internals inside of primary shield wall[2]. Secondly, neutron fluence rates are calculated based on the equilibrium cycle information. Particularly, the full-core neutron source is calculated from 3-D power distribution, fissionable nuclide fractions, fission spectrum, particle numbers and energy released per fission. Finally, JMCT-S code is verified by comparing results with those of the MCNP[3] code.

According to the calculation results, JMCT-S code has similar accuracy to the MCNP code. The relative error of neutron fluence rate in active core is within ±1.5%, and deviation of neutron fluence rate for fast neutron fluence rate on inner surface of reactor pressure vessel is less than ±10%. Consequently, JMCT-S code is reliable in shielding design of reactor plant which lays the foundation for usage of JMCT-S code.

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