The floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) is recently received increasing attention in China. The effects of ship motions on the working fluid of marine-type reactor are not only a change of effective gravity, but also an appearance of additional forces, which requires further researches. This paper focuses on the derivation of body force model under 6 typical ocean conditions. The derived model consists of body force terms based on both three-dimensional and one-dimensional momentum equations and can be applied to the pipe with an arbitrary flow direction. For programming calculation, the integrations with respect to spatial and time variables are performed for the body force terms of one-dimensional momentum equations under 6 typical ocean conditions. For verification purpose, the deprived model is implemented into the RELAP5 code and a two-loop single phase natural circulation system is analyzed using the modified RELAP5 code under 6 typical ocean conditions. The calculation results show that the deprived model is reasonable.

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