An experiment focusing on nitrogen gas behavior during reflux cooling in a pressurized water reactor (PWR) was performed with the rig of safety assessment/large scale test facility (ROSA/LSTF) at Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The test conditions were made such as the constant core power of 0.7% of the volumetric-scaled PWR nominal power and the primary pressure of lower than 1 MPa, unlike a previous related test with the LSTF. The steam generator (SG) secondary-side collapsed liquid level was maintained at a certain liquid level above the SG tube height. Nitrogen gas was injected stepwise into each SG inlet plenum at a certain constant amount. The primary pressure and the SG U-tube fluid temperatures were greatly dependent on the amount of nitrogen gas accumulated in the SG U-tubes. Nitrogen gas accumulated from the outlet towards the inlet of the SG U-tubes. Non-uniform flow behavior was observed among the SG U-tubes with nitrogen gas ingress. The RELAP5/MOD3.3 code indicated remaining problems in the predictions of the primary pressure and the SG U-tube fluid temperatures after nitrogen gas inflow.

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