Practice has proved that nuclear power technology development and operation of nuclear power is a clean, safe and large-scale provided stable power. AP1000 uses a large number of passive safety technologies. Passive residual heat removal system is an important part, in the long-term cooling stage of nuclear reactor normal operating conditions or accident conditions, to prevent the core meltdown. The research of this paper is to solve the long-term discharge of residual heat of the containment in the accident condition of nuclear power plant. Based on the passive heat removal system of AP1000, combined with the heat transfer characteristics and advantages of heat pipes, the PRHR system is further improved on the basis of the present situation, and a conceptual design of passive containment residual heat removal system is proposed. In order to further verify the feasibility of the conceptual design, we make a simplified simulation of small containment test bench to carry out experimental verification and give a detailed experimental design.

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