According to the flow condition of the nuclear turbine, we can divide the turbine into the radial inflow turbine and axial inflow turbine. The radial flow turbine refers to the turbine steam where the steam or the vapor flows along the radial center. The radial machine has much greater work performance. Because the steam has to overcome the centrifugal force which increases its work ability. Currently, the radial inflow turbine is widely used in small unit and super low temperature engineering. In the state of global warming and the lack of energy, the radial inflow turbine performs well since it has a lot of advantages. This paper mainly introduces the process of the thermal design of a radial inflow turbine. One of the most important task is to determine the basic thermodynamic process and the selection of various parameters of the radial inflow turbine. We will apply the computer programming language C# to compile it. The thermodynamic process design uses IAPWS-IF97 formula to compute physical parameters of the vapor. Then we will finish the development of the software.

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