Separation device is one of the important equipment in the steam generator, which reduce the humidity, and it is a key device of nuclear plant which can guarantee the saturated steam to the steam turbine to provide clean. In nuclear power plant, the nuclear steam turbine uses saturated steam directly, so the separation system in steam generator requires a high efficiency of separation. Because of its simple process, high separation efficiency, low system pressure drop and large capacity, small volume, long life and other advantages, corrugated plate in water separator technology is more and more extensive application in the production process. In this paper, the corrugated plate water separator is simulated research, through the establishment of a two-dimensional model of corrugated plate, separation efficiency and pressure drop of corrugated plate is simulated. By setting the different air speed, different gap of hook-plate, observe the change of the pressure drop and separation efficiency, and analyzes the internal mechanism of the foundation for the optimization of corrugated plate dryer.

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