Corrugated plate dryer is one of the key components of natural circulation steam generator in the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant. It play a decisive role in the water separation system to making steam become a good quality after steam flow out of a vertical steam generator. With the increase of the reactor power in the future design, it requires that the performance of corrugated plate dryer must be increased in the characteristics of steam load, separating efficiency, volume and resistance to make sure that steam generators still produce qualified steam at higher steam loads and higher cycle magnitudes.

In this paper, we have done some experimental studies on the corrugated plate dryer. And we concentrated on airflow parameters on the separation performance and resistance performance of dryer.

(1) First of all, we have determined the experimental research program about this study, after this, we finished the design works of the test bench, and then we have completed the construction work based on the design works.

(2) Afterwards, the flow and separation mechanism of the wave plate dryer was experimentally studied by means of parameter measurement and analysis combined with observation and recording. The effects of different inlet humidities and inlet velocity on separation efficiency, pressure drop and re-entrainment were studied.

The above study shows that:

(1) The separation efficiency of corrugated plate dryer is related to inlet humidity and inlet airflow velocity. The separation efficiency of corrugated plate dryer is increase with inlet humidity goes higher, and increased to reach a highest point then goes down when inlet airflow velocity increased.

(2) The re-entrainment is related to inlet humidity. When inlet humidity increased, the inlet airflow critical velocity which lead to re-entrain would decrease.

(3) The pressure drop of dryer is related to the inlet airflow velocity. When the inlet wind velocity increases, the pressure drop increases.

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