The containment thermal hydraulics of a small reactor during loss of coolant accident (LOCA) is studied by a lumped parameter one-dimensional model and a three-dimensional model. The capability of a kind of heat exchanger type passive containment cooling system (PCCS) is analyzed by the one-dimensional model. The calculation results show that, the decay heat can be removed and the containment pressure can be decreased by the proposed PCCS.

The steam and non-condensable gas (the air) distribution in the containment is investigated, the mixing and stratification behaviors are analyzed for several different cases, in which the PCCS and condenser are located at higher, base or lower position. The sensitivity analysis of the PCCS elevation shows that, in despite of the different gas stratification, the containment pressures are nearly the same. Similar conclusions can be obtained by the one-dimensional model and three-dimensional model. The preliminary results may indicate that, the designed PCCS and condenser can be located at a lower part, which will be benefit for the economy of the small reactor or meet other requirements.

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