This paper researched the behavior of 20mm break Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) which is located in the Direct Vessel Injection (DVI) line of the integrated small modular reactor (SMR) in case of full power with RELAP5-3KEYMASTER simulation system. The response of passive safety systems is analyzed and compared with the Primary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) post-accident. Tendency for the variation of main parameters after the accident agree well with the PSAR, which validates the accuracy and rationality of the model, and solves the new problems in the process of modeling and provides an important tool for the research and development of SMR. Cooling and depressurization are calculated post-accident. The variation of main parameters post-accident and the accident advancement and results have been analyzed. Operation intervention is given and the effects with it are discussed. And the emergency strategy for development and verification of Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) is given.

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