This reactor uses liquid sodium as coolant owing to its good thermal physical properties, high boiling point and compatibility of cladding material. However, the sodium has a very active chemical properties, for which the free surface of sodium must be protected by inert gas. In the high temperature environment, the sodium atoms diffusion to cover gas slowly, forming a mixed atmosphere that contained large amount of sodium steam.

Sodium steam is covered with the free surface of sodium. Then metal sodium will solidify in the inner wall of the pipe or correlative valves with the reduced temperature. This reactor needs to collect and filter sodium steam in order to reduce the hazards to the equipment, piping system, valves and the other devices. Based on the previous research about the purification process of sodium, this paper compared different steam trapping filtration process and carried out the thermal calculation providing basis for research and design of large sodium cooled fast reactor sodium steam trapping filtration process and establishing a reliable sodium steam filtering system.

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