In recent years, the morphological characteristics and stabilization methods of free interface in liquid windowless target become hot research topics in accelerator driven subcritical system (ADS). Based on the structure design of a certain windowless spallation target, CFX program was used to simulate and analyze its free interface character. The method of k-ε turbulence model, Cavitation model and VOF method were used to study the flow characteristic of liquid lead-bismuth alloy (LBE) with cavitation phase change and to analyze the free interface morphology characteristics of coolant in the target area. It is concluded that the target region form two stable free interfaces when fluid outlet pressure is in the range of 10000–40000Pa and fluid entrance velocity is in the range of 0.5–1.2m/s. The flow field near the free interface structure is complex. The vortex region appears, and the disorders in the vortex flow pattern leads to fluctuation of the free interface. After establishing stable free interface morphology, the heat transfer characteristics of windowless target was further analyzed.

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