Sodium-cooled fast reactor vessel is one of seismic grade I equipment, so the vessel seismic analysis considered the liquid sloshing is an important topic in fast reactor vessel design. In order to investigate the behavior of liquid sloshing under the condition of seismic, a fast reactor vessel model at 1:25.7 scale was designed. Using water simulate liquid sodium, we carried out modal experiment and seismic table test. By using hammering test measured natural frequency of model structure under the condition of water and without water; By utilizing seismic table frequency sweep test measured frequency of water sloshing in model; Then, input water sloshing sine wave of first order frequency and second order frequency respectively through seismic table.After that measure wave height and hydraulic pressure response of liquid sloshing. The experimental results show wave height and hydraulic pressure response of liquid sloshing in second order frequency is bigger than the first order frequency. This conclusion can provide favorable reference for the seismic design of the sodium-cooled fast reactor.

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