Traveling wave reactor (TWR) is an innovation concept nuclear reactor, through the once-through deep burning, the proliferation of fuel can be achieved and the utilization rate of Uranium can be increased. TWR has the characteristics of long lifetime, deep burn up and nuclear nonproliferation, because of its physical character, which makes it to be an attractive innovation concept fast reactor. The China institute of atomic energy (CIAE) has designed a million kilowatt TWR core based on a breeding and burn principle, which has considered the current technological level of sodium cooled fast reactor. In this paper, based on the TWR core design scheme, considered the design of fuel assembly, neutronics and thermal-hydraulic, analyzed the unprotected overpower transient (UTOP) accident in the TWR core with the SAS4A code, through which research about the transient safety characteristics of a million kilowatt travelling wave reactor core has been done. Analysis shows that the peak temperature of fuel, cladding and coolant in the TWR core have a certain margin from the safety limits through the negative feedback of itself in the UTOP accident, the core of the million kilowatt TWR demonstrates a good safety performance.

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