The safety assessment approach of nuclear power plants (NPPs) has been evolved with the technological progress and the lessons learned from the major events. Recently, the risk-informed analysis methodology combined probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) and traditional deterministic methodology has been a hot topic. Following the Risk-Informed Analysis Methodology, the PCT margin of CPR1000 Nuclear Power Plant was re-evaluated in this paper. In the PSA analysis, 162 probabilistic sequences had been identified after LBLOCA occurs. Then 18 probabilistically significant sequences were selected for the deterministic methodology analysis with deterministic realistic method (DRM) for CPR1000 NPP. With calculated PCT of each dominant sequence, a load spectrum of PCT for LBLOCA was generated. Then the risk-informed PCT margin can be evaluated by two different methods, namely the expecting value estimation method and the sequence probability coverage method. In conclusion, it was found that the PCT margin evaluated by the Risk-Informed Analysis Methodology can be greater than that of the deterministic DRM methodology by 16∼34°C.

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