Probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) method was explored to be introduced in radiation risk assessment of radioactive material transport (RMT), and then radiation risk of road transport (RT) of new fuel element (FE) of commercial High Temperature Reactor-Pebblebed Modules (HTR-PM) was analyzed. By accident scenario analysis, mechanical analysis and criticality analysis, both accident conditions of package radiation level hoist and criticality were chosen for accident frequency analysis. Since the results show that accident frequency of package radiation level hoist is low and accident frequency of criticality is extremely low, criticality accident can be neglected in the sequential risk assessment. The consequence of typical accident scenarios was estimated, and the results show that the maximum external exposure dose arising from the accident for emergency workers is 0.55mSv, and 4.55×10−3mSv for public people around, which is acceptable. The global radiation risk is 1.24×10−10person·Sv/(vehicle·each transport), for which impact accident contributes the maximum percent.

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