During the period of late-August 2015 to early-October 2015, a number of 105 data sets for the radiation alarming events from the containers passing through the “Laem Cha Bang” International Sea Port, Thailand, were collected. These radiation alarming events were for the containers which carried the goods that could be roughly identified as belonging to the following groups: (1) fertilizer, (2) chemicals, (3) plastics, (4) ceramics, (5) grain, feed, agriculture or dairy products (6) wood, rubber or furniture, (7) scrap, mineral or metal, (8) equipment, (9) parts or spare parts, (10) paper and (11) others. Most of the radiation measurements obtained were relatively low and showed no harm to the public and to the environment. Much of this radiation was from the radioactive materials found or occurred naturally and, thus, could be found anywhere. There were concern, however, regarding the possibility of the radioactive contamination or the smuggling of the harmful radioactive or nuclear materials. Further study was required to prepare against and to manage such situations.

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