Lots of efforts have been made to Research & Development of Small pressurized water reactors (SPWRs). Steam generator tube break occurs due to wear and corrosion frequently in the reactor. Among the breaks, Small Steam Generator Tube Break (SSGTB) is difficult to detect. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the features of SSGTB.

A small pressurized water reactor model has been established in this paper by Relap5. The model includes reactor core, pressurizer, steam generator, main coolant pump and auxiliary safety system. The core flow, pressure of pressurizer, core outlet temperature and secondary outlet steam temperature obtained based on steady-state calculation is compared with design data to verify the model correct.

SSGTB is simulated by introducing a small break in the steam generator tube. The important parameters of reactor are recorded and analyzed. The procedure of SSGTB is analyzed and the system response features are summarized.

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