This paper introduces a movable detection device for explosives hidden in wall. The device is composed of the 14MeV neutron generator, the silicon detector and Φ76mm×76mm LYSO detector. The γ spectra produced by the inelastic scattering interaction provide the relative counts of C, N, O, which are converted into chemical fractions to distinguish the explosives from the organic compounds. The device using associate particle method reduces the background 200–300 times. The 300g ammonium nitrate and TNT explosive simulated samples placed behind the 15cm-thick and 10cm-thick wall is detected by the device, respectively, when the neutron intensity is 1×107n/s. Compared with other methods, the experimental results show that the device with associate particle method has higher detection space resolution ability and explosives recognition ability. The device can provide the support for the detection of explosives.

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