Zirconium alloys remain as the main cladding materials in most water reactors. CZ zirconium alloy is recently developed for advanced PWR fuel assembly (STEP) designed by China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN). There are two kinds of zirconium alloys, designated as CZ1 and CZ2 respectively. It is well known that creep property is one of the most important characteristics to evaluate the integrated performance of new commercial alloys. In this study, we have collected the creep date of CZ alloys heat-treated at different temperatures. The result shows that the creep rates of the zirconium alloys enlarge with the creep stress in the temperature of 375 °C. The creep resistance is improved with the increasing annealing temperature. The creep resistance of CZ-RXA (high temperature) is better than CZ-SRA (low temperature). The creep rate of CZ alloys at relatively lower annealing temperature is much larger than that at higher annealing temperature. At the given stress condition, the creep behaviors of different annealed CZ alloys are found to have almost the same tendency. In addition, the creep rate of CZ1 is smaller than CZ2 at the same annealing temperature.

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