Lattice code generates homogenized few-group cross sections for core neutronics code. It is an important component of the nuclear design code system. The development and improvement of lattice codes are always significant topics in reactor physics. The PANDA code is a PWR lattice code developed by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI). It starts from the 70-group library, and performs the resonance calculation based on the Spatially Dependent Dancoff Method (SDDM). The 2D heterogeneous transport calculation is performed without any group collapse and cell homogenization by MOC with two-level Coarse Mesh Finite Difference (CMFD) acceleration. Matrix exponential methods are used to solve the Bateman depletion equation. Based on the methodologies, the PANDA code is developed. The verifications on different levels preliminarily demonstrate the ability of the PANDA code.

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