In order to withstand the malicious impact of large commercial aircraft, the structure of steel concrete is usually used for shield building’s exterior wall, but due to the form of steel concrete structure is special, it often bring difficulties to the computational analysis of finite element in the design and review. The multi-layer shell element is an equivalent method based on the actual physical layering of material, and has the corresponding function in large-scale finite element software (ANSYS, ABAQUS). The method basic idea is to build a shell element based on the mechanics of composite material. According to the requirement, the shell element can be divided into different thicknesses, material properties and appropriate number of integral points. In the finite element calculation, the stress and strain values can be calculated independently for each integration point. This paper aiming the steel concrete structure in the checking calculation of shield building, used the multi-layer shell element method to simulate and analysis. Based on the modal analysis and spectrum analysis calculations of shield building are performed by using the finite element methods, studying the applicable condition of the methods. The analysis showed that the multi-layer shell element method are able to effectively simulate the structure of steel concrete, and can view more detailed analysis of the stress distribution of steel inside the concrete steel and concrete between the layers, in order to better grasp the safety of the shielding plant.

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