Since the responses of Liquid storage tanks (LST) include the liquid motion, structural motion, and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) under the earthquake ground motion, it is a difficult problem about shaking table test model for satisfying similarity ratio requirement. The two experimental models, namely satisfied FSI similarity ratio model (FSI model) and unsatisfied FSI similarity ratio (un-FSI) model, respectively, are presented in this paper. The PCS storage tank of AP1000 Nuclear Power Engineering, as the study project, is studied by Adina software, and the responses, such as stress, stain, and displacement, etc., of prototype model, FSI model, and un-FSI model are compared. The results provide that when researchers study the rigidity LST dynamic response parameters and vibration characteristics, such as displacement, acceleration and liquid wave height, the tank wall stress response parameters etc., FSI model should be used.

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