The area radiation monitoring system can supply information of the abnormal radiation levels in a nuclear power plant quickly, give an alarm on site explicitly, and display the dose rate value and alarm information remotely. Thus, it can help the radiation protection officer to take proper actions timely to protect personnel from excess irradiation. According to the experience and technology from the pressurized water reactors (PWRs), the area radiation monitoring system in nuclear island of high temperature gas-cooled reactor pebbled-bed module (HTR-PM) which is a modular high temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration power plant in China has been designed. It is used to monitor the external radiation exposure dose rate at the passageway in the control areas, operational areas, equipment rooms, etc. The design scheme of the area radiation monitoring system in nuclear island of HTR-PM is presented, which can be divided into two parts, the stationary area γ radiation monitoring subsystem and portable radiation dose rate monitoring subsystem. The operational principle of the system, the layout of the area radiation monitors, the main characteristics of the instruments, and the communication logical framework of the system are introduced in this paper.

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