In the pipeline system of nuclear power plant (NPP), the transfer of pump induced vibration is quite noticeable, which will not only affect the operation stability of the equipment, but also cause the noise pollution problem. In this paper, an active vibration control (AVC) device is designed to reduce the pipeline system vibration induced by condensate water pump operation. This device consists of controller, sensor, actuator and conditioning circuit, and an adaptive control strategy is adopted. The pump rotating speed detected by the tachometer is transferred to the controller as the reference input signal, which is used to excite the actuator to generate an opposite force acting on pipelines and attenuating the vibration passing to foundation structures. To avoid the influence on pipeline system compactness, the structure design of actuator is adaptive to pipe clamp. Then a prototype is manufactured and a verification experiment about the vibration control effect is carried out on the stimulant bench of feed water system. At the design speed of condensate pump, the pipe vibration characteristics at various flux conditions are compared and analyzed. The results indicate that the vibration response of pipe clamp is well restrained when the AVC device is installed. Especially, the outstanding characteristic line spectrums of pump source are significantly declined; therefore, the total vibration level of the pipe clamp is effectively controlled.

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