This paper briefly introduces the design functions, structure of steel containment vessel (CV) of AP1000 unit and its related design, fabrication, examination, and testing codes and standards. It focuses on the practices of Structural Integrity Test (SIT), of CV in Sanmen unit 1, which is the first steel CV in China. Its SIT aim and testing process, including pretest, baseline measurements, pressurization and depressurization process, displacements and strains measurement method and measurement point positions, Visual Testing and Leakage examination activities are discussed in detail. Some important feed backs or lessons learned from this testing also are discussed. The CV SIT results of Sanmen Unit 1 showed that the containment vessel behaved elastically and no cracks and leakage were observed during the test. After the containment vessel SIT, the Integrated Leak Rate Test ( ILRT ) was successfully completed. Therefore, it was confirmed that the tested CV had adequate structural integrity against the test pressure, its leak tight boundary met the design requirements, the testing system work well and the testing activities and its organization were successful.

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