The response of containment sprinkles during the in-vessel release phase of low-pressure loss of coolant accident (LOCA) has for two-loop PWR been simulated. Cleaning and wash out of radioactive isotopes is essential to limit the risk of radioactive exposure. An uncontrolled LOCA has been selected for this study. In this work, numerical simulation of spray system with its parameter has been carried out to study the sensitivity analysis of airborne radioactive isotopes on spray system parameters. Therefore, we have developed a kinetic model and implemented in MATLAB which used the ORIGEN 2.2 as a subroutine code. The sensitivity analysis and airborne isotopes and removal rate has been carried out for spray activation time, droplet size. It has been seen that the droplets mean size plays an important role in containment washout. The droplet absorption ratio indicates that the smaller droplet size has higher absorption efficiency.

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