In order to design AP1000 protection system based on the FirmSys platform of CTEC, the AP1000 protection system based on CommonQ platform is analyzed and researched. Through the comparison of the FirmSys platform and the CommonQ platform, it is found that the number of cabinets should be increased largely if the protection system design based on the FirmSys platform refers to Westinghouse AP1000 protection system architecture. So that the cabinets can not be laid out in the electrical room due to the AP1000 electrical room space constraints. In order to solve this problem and to achieve the required reliability, the optimization of the emergency reactor trip and engineered safety features actuation control method based on FirmSys platform is studied. At last a new protection system architecture design is completed. It is proved that the optimized protection system architecture, in which the number of cabinets is reduced and the reliability is improved, not only can solve the cabinet layout problem, but also can meet the design requirements of AP1000.

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