Because of the rapid changes that are taking place in the digital computer and the graphic display technology employed in a modern human system interface, the use of integrated digital display devices to replace traditional instruments has become a new application tendency in nuclear power plant. The safety control and display device (refer as to SCID hereafter) is a safety class digital Human System Interface (HSI) device of FirmSys platform. It provides display and control function of the safety system in ACPR1000 nuclear power plant. This paper mainly introduces the typical application architecture of SCID in ACPR1000 NPP, the main functions (including control and display function, application mode management function, data processing function and data communication function) of SICD and the innovation and improvement of SCID. The application of SCID has improved the integration of the HMI system and reduced the workload of the operating staff. It has been successfully applied in several ACPR1000 nuclear power plants.

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