Now Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) design is moving toward being highly dependent on digital computers in many complex systems, especially microprocessors. As a medium between operators and NPPs for exchange and interaction which ultimate operational decisions still rely on, the Human-System Interaction has been widely concerned and become one of the focuses in NPPs design. So in order to take full advantage of operating experience, human cognitive processing abilities, and progressive technologies, it is critical to plan, design, implement, operate, and maintain a reliable HSIs. The project, funded by the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC), designs and develops a set of typical and comparatively complete technical solution of Human-System Interaction based on instrumentation and control system in actual NPP. To take advantage of the design process and modules as well as templates of this technical solution provided by this project, which take HFE into account, we can achieve the realistic simulation of Human-System Interaction for digital NPPs, making the use of iFIX software, and the Human-System Interaction system can be used to design interfaces for different kinds of NPPs. In this paper, the realization of human-system interaction will be introduced, and the current research status and main challenges of Human-System Interaction are included. And at this stage we have made the processes of the cross-platform data acquisition and monitoring, processing and display of small instrument control systems come true.

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