The dynamic reliability of the main and startup feedwater control system in nuclear power plant is evaluated by conducting the Markov Cell-to-Cell Mapping Technology (Markov/CCMT) methodology. All the equipment failure modes and potential failure states within the system are analyzed. This process illustrates the uncertainty in the physical process of the system. Furthermore, the failure probability and cut-set of the system can be computed to provide a more comprehensive and accurate response to the system characteristics and reflect the two types of interaction within the system. In contract to the traditional static Probability Safety Assessment (PSA), the Markov/CCMT methodology remedies the defect in terms of event sequence setting, control loop, multiple top event competition, uncertainty of the analysis result as well as the insufficient analysis of human-caused failure. The reliability analysis of the main and startup feedwater control system (FWCS) based on the self-developed Markov/CCMT reliability analysis software verifies the feasibility and engineering application value of the methodology and software.

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