In recent years, the FPGA-based digital technology is being introduced to replace CPU-based digital platform in the NPPs because of its high reliability, security and easy maintainability. Thus the verification and validation of FPGA-based I&C system has aroused a great attention.

As most safety I&C systems are composed of four divisions, and perform 2-out-of-4 coincidence voting logic to actuate RT and ESFs. The 4 redundant portions are mostly the same. It is uneconomical and time-consuming to set up the full-size verification platform based on 4 redundant channels. In this paper, the co-verification method based on FPGA platform and SCADE model is proposed to efficiently verify the reactor protection logic.

Based on the co-verification platform, it shows the proposed co-verification method is applicable for functional verification. The proposed co-verification method can be used for the preliminary assessment and functional verification of the FPGA-based I&C system and provide a semi-hardware platform for the development of the safety I&C system based on the FPGA platform, which will facilitate the evaluation of FPGA technology in the NPP and accelerate the V&V process.

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