In the process of research and development for a new nuclear power plant, it is very necessary to develop a dynamic platform and tools to analyze and verify the plant control & protect system and human factor engineering. Therefor, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Development Institute (SNERDI) developed the Engineering & Design Analyzer of CAP1400 Nuclear Power Plant (CAP1400 EDA) which provides a dynamic platform environment for analyzing and verifying the control system and human factor engineering of the CAP1400 nuclear power plant, a new Gen III passive nuclear power plant.

In this paper, the mechanism and implement approach of the CAP1400 EDA will be mainly introduced, for example, the platform architecture of the EDA, analysis tools integrated in the EDA and CAP1400 nuclear power plant modes based on the EDA.

In the meantime, a typical application case based on the CAP1400 EDA will be demonstrated in this paper, for example the capability of the NSSS control system will be verified in a ramp load down & raise operate transient. In this transient process, the NSSS control system of the plant is assessed whether it has the capability to keep the key parameter and state of the plant in an acceptance condition or range. And also other transients such as step load transient, large load transient can be simulated on CAP1400 EDA to verify whether or not the NSSS control systems are properly designed.

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