According to the research of nuclear power plant human error management, it is found that the traditional human error management are mainly based on the result of human behavior, the event as the point cut of management, there are some drawbacks. In this paper, based on the concept of the human performance management, establish the defensive human error management model, the innovation point is human behavior as the point cut, to reduce the human errors and accomplish a nip in the bud. Based on the model, on the one hand, combined with observation and coach card, to strengthen the human behavior standards expected while acquiring structured behavior data from the nuclear power plant production process; on the other hand, combined with root cause analysis method, obtained structured behavior data from the human factor event, thus forming a human behavior database that show the human performance state picture. According to the data of human behavior, by taking quantitative trending analysis method, the P control chart of observation item and the C control chart of human factor event is set up by Shewhart control chart, to achieve real-time monitoring of the process and result of behavior. At the same time, development Key Performance Indicators timely detection of the worsening trend of human behavior and organizational management. For the human behavior deviation and management issues, carry out the root cause analysis, to take appropriate corrective action or management improvement measures, so as to realize the defense of human error, reduce human factor event probability and improve the performance level of nuclear power plant.

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