Briefly introduce reactor coolant loop (RCL) laser measurement and modeling technology. Due to the specific characteristics of nuclear power project, there is no regulating section in the RCL. It is very important to determine the position of RCL’s cutting line, and any miscalculation of cutting line may result in the RCL’s scrapping. Conduct measurement and modeling to reactor pressure vessel, steam generator and RCL by using laser measurement and 3D modeling technology; within one coordinate system, finding out cutting lines and implementing virtual cutting grouping assembly in advance through computer simulation can avoid cost increasing and construction delay caused due to wrong RCL cutting. Positioning by making use of SG (Steam Generator)-end cutting lines of RCL installation process of the nuclear power plant which is measured and modeled by laser, and the data has been implemented after being approved by supervision agency. At present, its RCL installation process has been successfully installed and practiced.

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