The initiation events analysis and evaluation were the beginning of nuclear safety analysis and probabilistic safety assessment, and it was the key points of the nuclear safety analysis. The main methods of the initiation events analysis are reference to existing lists and reports, operating experience, project evaluation and logic diagrams analysis. Currently, the initiation events analysis method and experiences both focused on pressurized water reactor but there are no general theories for Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR). With FHR’s research and development, the initiation events analysis and evaluation was increasingly important. Based on the FHR’s design, the theories and methods of initiation events analysis would be researched and developed. From the FHR’s design, the systems, subsystems and components are divided to identify the safety functions of them. Base on the safety functions, the logical analysis and accident analysis calculation method would be combined to study FHR’s initiation events. The theory of analysis would be developed and the analysis method system would be discussed. Finally, the preliminary initiation events list of FHR will be discussed and researched. The results would help TMSR’s reactor designs and nuclear safety analysis.

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