Main Steam Line Break (MSLB) accident will lead to the release of high-energy steam inside the containment, then cause the pressure and temperature of containment rise, which threatening containment integrity and the normal operation of the containment equipment. Containment equipment layout will affect the flow of steam, while the break position, steam temperature and other factors also affect the temperature distribution inside the containment. Test bench was reconstructed on the original foundation, but analogs of Pressure Vessel and CMT have not been arranged in the simulated reactor containment at this stage. Experiments with steam as the working fluid were carried out at ambient pressure environment. Steam injected into the containment and after reaching steady state data acquisition card got temperature values of each measuring point. The main purpose of this work is to study the temperature distribution inside containment and heat transfer phenomenon of steel shell in MSLB accident. Experimental results show that the temperature stratification appears in the containment, although the temperature distribution in the shell is different under different operating conditions.

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