Environmental problems, especially air pollution and the global warming problems, have promoted the development of nuclear power in China. However, due to the severe consequences and the negative impression of Fukushima accident, the public acceptance remains a big obstacle for the further development of nuclear power. Besides, the protests against nuclear fuel factory and nuclear power plants in China also indicate the low public acceptance towards nuclear power. This issue has attracted a lot of academic attentions and researches to identify different factors that influence nuclear public acceptance. However, few researches have questioned the primary sources that reflect these different factors. This paper will first briefly analyze the progress of public acceptance study and introduces a recent framework of public acceptance in China, which consists of trust, knowledge, benefits (economical and environmental benefits) and risks. Newspaper reports on nuclear power (from 2013 to 20th Nov of 2015) from three Chinese newspaper offices are selected to do content analysis. They are used to analyze the construction of such factors in the newspaper articles. This paper concludes with the finding that the coverage of economical benefits and environmental benefits are rather low and should be attached more importance. Newspaper reports should also include more basic knowledge of nuclear power to let the public better understand nuclear power. In addition, the increasing emphasis on the national benefits makes it a necessary subject that should be studied further in public acceptance in China.

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