Integrated reactor has an integrated pressure vessel with all components of the main coolant loop inside. Ring coelom is formed between the pressure vessel and the heat exchanger. Several small-bore pipes are plugged into the ring coelom to attain the coolant. Because of the existence of the isolated ring coelom, slow descending phenomenon of liquid level in the ring coelom takes place during LOCA with a coolant diversion pipe breaking. The phenomenon is analyzed by modelling the reactor during LOCA in Relap5 and one mitigation measure is acquired. As drastic flashing seriously influences the slow descending phenomenon, which enhance the pressure in the ring coelom, we divide the ring coelom into several parts and use Fluent to gain the flashing details. The results of Relap5 and Fluent show good agreement, which proves the flashing and slow descending phenomenon in the ring coelom of integrated reactor is reasonable during LOCA.

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