Multi-physics coupling analysis is one of the most important fields among the analysis of nuclear power plant. The basis of multi-physics coupling is the coupling between neutronics and thermal-hydraulic because it plays a decisive role in the computation of reactor power, outlet temperature of the reactor core and pressure of vessel, which determines the economy and security of the nuclear power plant. This paper develops a coupling method which uses OPENFOAM and the REMARK code. OPENFOAM is a 3-dimension CFD open-source code for thermal-hydraulic, and the REMARK code (produced by GSE Systems) is a real-time simulation multi-group core model for neutronics while it solves diffusion equations. Additionally, a coupled computation using these two codes is new and has not been done. The method is tested and verified using data of the QINSHAN Phase II typical nuclear reactor which will have 16 × 121 elements. The coupled code has been modified to adapt unlimited CPUs after parallelization. With the further development and additional testing, this coupling method has the potential to extend to a more large-scale and accurate computation.

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