A computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model for single phase flow in the three dimensional randomly packed bed with spherical particles has been developed and validated with experimental results. The flow characteristics within this complex geometry are very complicated. In order to obtain insight into the interior and local flow characteristics, Three-dimensional simulation is required. First, we constructed the randomly packed bed with spherical particle, using Discrete Element Method (DEM) based on the integration of Newton’s laws of motion. To validate the DEM simulations the global bed porosity and the radial porosity distribution were compared with empirical correlation from literature. Second, the complex geometrical properties of random packed bed make it difficult to produce a fine mesh. Herein, the bridge method for meshing the particle-particle and particle-wall contact points in the packed bed was applied. The contact zones are modified and then partitioned into several regular parts, so the structure gird was meshed. Finally, the simulation of water flow in the randomly packed bed with a tube-to-particle diameter ratio of 6.325 has been carried out by the commercial CFD code. A comparison with previously published correlations and experimental data shows that the relationship proposed by KTA agree well with the measured pressure drop. Furthermore the results of simulation for distribution of velocity in the bed were analyzed and discussed.

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