The RELAP5-3D1 program solves a complex system of governing, closure and special process equations to model the underlying physics of nuclear power plants. For SQA (software quality assurance), the code must be verified and validated (V&V) to ensure proper performance before release to users. The physical models are validated against data from experiments and plants and verified against specifications for the computer code. In addition to physics, programs such as RELAP5-3D perform numerous other functions and processes that should also be checked to guarantee correct results. Functions include input, output, data management, and user interaction, while processes include restart, time-step backup, code coupling, and multi-case processing. Previous articles have covered the verification of the physical models, restart, and backup through extremely accurate and automated sequential verification applied on a comprehensive suite of test cases to ensure that code changes produced no unintended consequences. New developments have enabled the verification of multi-case and multi-deck processing. These features are frequently used in parameter and code sensitivity studies and therefore must be verified as working correctly. Both theory and application are presented.

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