The RELAP5 code, designed to predict the behavior of reactor systems during accident conditions, is used widespread over the world. This work aims to show and describe the RELAP-MV graphical software developed using computer language (XML) and Visualized Modularization software technology to recognized best estimated transient simulation program of Light water reactor, in combination with new options for improved modeling methods, advanced programming, computational simulation techniques and integrated graphics displays. RELAP5 code is complex and inconvenient for utilizing method of data cards and close logic relationship of data in input file. The main purpose of developing RELAP5-MV is to simplify progress and increase simulation efficiency.

Traditional modeling method and modular modeling method are supported with RELAP5-MV to achieve aims of device and system simulation. For traditional modeling method, all kinds of components are developed such as single volume, single junction, pipe, branch, time dependent volume, etc. For modular modeling method, the module library is established in the software. The library packages include the main system equipments of primary and secondary loops such as reactor core, U tube steam generator, once through steam generator, pump, pressurizer, steam turbine, condenser, heat exchanger, deaerator, etc. in a pressurized water reactor, which can be analyzed and modeled in details. From the library the capabilities are easy to select icons interface from the library packages. The analysis results show that the software can effectively simulate nuclear power system by RELAP5.

Plot and data binding function is supported for post-processing of calculation result. Personal computer interface of RELAP5-MV makes it more convenient, fast and visualized in simulation system establishing process. Performance Relap5 related analysis activities, such as creating and modifying input file, viewing component division figures and generating output files can be realized by RELAP5-MV. The interactive simulation interface feature allows the users to simulate specific reactor transients and accidents — such as LOCA, LOFA, scram, etc. Accuracy and reliability of RELAP5-MV have already been confirmed by simulating main coolant system of Pressurize Water Reactor (PWR) and modeling efficiency increases significantly by using RELAP5-MV.

Visualization modeling, analysis and computational simulation for thermal hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactor can not only lower the RELAP5 threshold but also improve the efficiency of nuclear science research greatly, and also promoting the development of related research in RELAP5 safety analysis.

RELAP5-MV can give an approach to build, verify and assess simulation design of reactor power system.

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