Much research on bubble dynamics under rolling motion has been carried out in recent years, but the effect of the wall force on bubble motion behavior is far from satisfactory and still needs to be further investigated. In order to study the interaction between bubbles and near wall under rolling condition, the paper adopts the VOF method, one momentum equation coupled with surface tension mode and the function of UDF. The bubble motion behaviors in a vertical channel under static and rolling conditions were numerically simulated.

The impact of the wall force on single bubble motions were discussed. Plus, the effect of the wall force on bubbles when they are approaching the wall was analyzed in detail. The numerical results agree well with the experimental results from other researchers. The simulating results show that as bubbles gradually approach the wall, the wall force prevents them from further coming closer to the wall and pushes them in the opposite direction. Under the rolling condition, the wall force affects the bubble motion only when the wall is located in the positive bubbles’ rolling direction.

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