The method for ATWS (anticipated transient without scram) analysis was completely developed for commercial pressurized water (PWR) reactor plants, especially for selecting of typical initial events. For accident analysis of ATWS, it is different between PWR and small modular reactor (SMR), as different structures and characters, and it is necessary to study the typical initial events for these reactors. Based on the standard of PWR, the demanding for ATWS analysis was studied and the consequences for typical anticipated transient was calculated using RELAP5/MOD3.2 code, “maintain reactor coolant pressure boundary integrity” was selected as limiting criterion. The results shows for SMR, anticipated transient with the most serious consequence for ATWS are loss of offsite power and inadvertent control rod withdraw event, this conclusion will support to prepare the safety analysis report and optimum design of diversity activation system (DAS) for SMR.

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