Dual-functional Lithium Lead Test Blanket Module (DFLL-TBM) was proposed by China for testing in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).When an in-TBM helium coolant tube breaks, high pressure helium will discharge into the Pb-Li breeding zones. The pressure shock in the TBM will threaten the structural integrity and safety of ITER. Simulation and analysis on helium coolant tube break accident of DFLL-TBM was performed, and two cases with different break sizes were considered. Computational results indicate that intense pressure waves spread quickly from the break to the surrounding structures and the variation of pressure in the TBM breeding box is drastic especially when the pressure wave propagation encounters large resistance such as at the bending corner of the flow channel, the inlet and outlet of Pb-Li, etc. The maximum pressure in the TBM breeding box which is even higher than the operating pressure of helium also occurs in these zones. Although the pressure shock lasts for a very short time, its effect on the structural integrity of DFLL-TBM needs to be paid attention to.

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