This article designs the water level of steam generator control system applying PCH system modeling and control principle of Energy-Shaping.

The basic principles of port-controlled Hamiltonian (PCH) system modeling and control principle of Energy-Shaping are provided, including passivity, dissipation and so forth. Meanwhile, port-controlled Hamiltonian (PCH) system, energy-shaping principle, matching method and its corresponding realization and stability analysis are presented. The water level of steam generator is accomplished; the controlled object is mathematically modeled with principle modeling method. Then the mathematic model is translated into PCH model. the proper Hamiltonian function is finely selected. The water level equilibrium point of steam generator system is respectively determined; the PCH controller based on energy-shaping method is ultimately obtained.

The proposed modeling and control methods provide a potential idea for the other control methods applied method on steam generator system. Moreover, the proposed methods can be put into industrious process control.

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