Since the digital instrument and control (I&C) system was used in nuclear power plant (NPP), software Verification and Validation (V&V) is becoming more and more important for ensuring the safety function to be correctly implemented by the safety system. According to the classification of different safety functions of I&C system, with the use of digital technology, software classification needs further discussion to determine. And different classification of software performs different testing. Software V&V processes can be divided into different stages by reference to the standard IEEE 1012-2004, and each stage focuses on different contents. In China, software V&V on the NPP has been started from LingAo Phase II project and strongly done on other CPR1000 projects, which is a Generation II + pressurized water reactor. Based on the practice about YangJiang units 5 and 6 projects, combined with the relevant laws and regulation standards, this study summarizes the characteristics of the independent third party software V&V, analyzes the key points and methods of V&V activities in the software development process. As a result, it is also benefit to the design, operation and maintenance of safety I&C System as technical reference.

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